Welcome to our new City website! This website represents a NEW things happening in the City! We have MOVED into the Alma Flippo Memorial Library at the corner of Front Street and S. Main. Our new utility billing software allows for free ACH bank draft as well as credit card payments both online over the phone or in person. The City also has a newly created Economic Development Corporation that hopes to accomplish great things in our little town. Stay tuned!

2022 Consumer Confidence Report

2022 Consumer Confidence Report / Water Quality Report

2021 Consumer Confidence Report

Please click here for the 2021 Consumer Confidence Report


2020 Consumer Confidence Report

Please click for the 2020 Consumer Confidence Report


Public Information Requests

For Public Information Requests please follow the guidelines as set forth by the Public Information Act - found at:



 The attached Public Information Act Request Form may be used to outline your request, or may be used as a guideline for your own written request.  Please review the PIA guidelines and be as specific as possible in your request.