Welcome to our new City website! This website represents a NEW things happening in the City! We have MOVED into the Alma Flippo Memorial Library at the corner of Front Street and S. Main. Our new utility billing software allows for free ACH bank draft as well as credit card payments both online over the phone or in person. The City also has a newly created Economic Development Corporation that hopes to accomplish great things in our little town. Stay tuned!

City Council Election Postings and Forms

2024 Detroit City Council Information


Kenneth Snodgrass - elected May 2023 expires May 2025

Council Members:

  • Faye Marshall - elected May 2023, exp May 2025
  • Tonya Clanton - elected May 2023, exp May 2025
  • Terrie Shelby, elected May 2024, exp May 2026
  • Grace Swain - elected May 2024, exp May 2026
  • Jennifer Garrison - elected May 2024, exp May 2026


Information, postings, forms for the May 4, 2024, City of Detroit General Election 

Notice of Deadline to file an application for the place on the Ballot

Application for place on the Ballot

Notice of Ballot Position Drawing

Notice/Order of Election and voting locations

Early Voting April 22

Early Voting April 23

Early Voting April 24

Early Voting April 25

Early Voting April 26

Early Voting April 29

Early Voting April 30












2024 Agenda & Minutes

City Council Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM at City Hall (old Alma Flippo Library).


January Agenda

January Minutes


February Agenda

February Minutes


March Agenda 

March Minutes


April Agenda

April Minutes


May Agenda

May Minutes


June Agenda





2023 Agendas and Minutes

City Council Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM at City Hall (old Alma Flippo Library).


 January Agenda  January Minutes

 February Agenda February Minutes

 March Agenda March Agenda revised 03/14/23 March Minutes

July Agenda July Minutes

August Agenda August Minutes

September Agenda September Minutes

September Special Meeting

October Agenda October Minutes

November Agenda November Minutes

December Agenda December Minutes

2022 Agendas and Minutes

January 2022 Agenda January 2022 Minutes

February 2022 Agenda February 2022 Minutes

March 2022 Agenda March 2022 Minutes

April 2022 Agenda April 2022 Minutes

May 2022 Agenda May 2022 Minutes

June 2022 Agenda June 2022 Minutes

July 2022 Agenda July 2022 Minutes

August 2022 Agenda August 2022 Minutes

September 2022 Agenda

September 2022 Supplemental Agenda September 2022 Minutes

October 2022 Agenda October 2022 Minutes

November 2022 Agenda November 2022 Minutes

December 2022 Agenda December 2022 Minutes

2021 Agendas & Minutes

 *Please click on the month below to view Agenda or Minutes in pdf version*

2021 December Agenda 2021 December Minutes

2021 November Agenda 2021 November Minutes

2021 October Agenda 2021 October Minutes

2021 September Agenda 2021 September Minutes

2021 August Agenda 2021 August Minutes

2021 July Agenda 2021 July Minutes

2021 June Agenda 2021 June Minutes

2021 May Agenda 2021 May Minutes

2021 April Agenda 2021 April Minutes

2021 March Agenda 2021 March Minutes

2021 February Agenda 2021 February Minutes

2021 January Agenda 2021 January Minutes